Business Wargaming

Business wargames use real world scenarios to engage and develop
leaders. They allow leaders to assess the strategic and operational readiness
of their business. Most importantly, they challenge existing thinking and provide leadership teams with a credible exercise that tests decision making, exposes weakspots, spotlights talent and creates real space for quality and operationally specific learning. Quite simply, wargames argue back.

Our business wargames are designed with your input and include full bespoke
scenario design, event facilitation and post-exercise review to ensure that no
learning opportunity is missed.

Working with you, we will develop and deliver a testing business wargame that allows your management teams to formulate, assess and challenge real strategic thinking in the face of the thrust and parry of a realistic business scenario.

Typically our wargames work on a team basis, with one team (drawn from your managers) taking on the role of your competitors or other challengers intent on creating a strategy that endangers your core business. The second team acts as your management team, creating strategy and proactively countering the other team in an attempt to stay ahead. What follows serves to challenge existing thinking, encourages innovation, tests leadership, promotes teamworking and allows the best members of your team to step up and be counted.

Wargames are individual, and the duration and content vary. But they are, without doubt, an exceptional way of developing your leadership team and future proofing your business.

Your business needs you. Enlist now.

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