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Working with Acteon "Pacers"

The Acteon Group is one of the world's leading subsea engineering specialists serving the offshore oil and gas industry. The groupís intensive PACER programme is aimed at attracting key individuals who demonstrate remarkable qualities in the field of business management. Within the first 12 months of appointment PACERS are expected to deliver a broad range of high-level business solutions with a view to taking on specialist roles and complex group projects over the following year. By the end of the programme successful PACERS will have created specific roles for themselves and will take up a permanent position in Acteon, anywhere in the world. 

Poppyfish worked with Acteon to deliver a bespoke interactive learning event for a group of international PACERS around change management that included a scenario based decision-making business exercise to make the PACERS think hard about the practical aspects of leading a change programme.

"Scenario based decision making"

Scenario Exercises
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