The Durkan LEAD Programme

Established in 1970 Durkan Ltd have grown from a small, family contractor to become one of London and the south-east's leading construction companies. With a turnover in excess of 100million the business is the constructor of choice for many Housing Associations and other clients and is growing strongly. In 2012 Poppyfish began an engagement with Durkan to deliver a three tier learning and development programme with a combination of compulsory and optional courses for all staff across the whole organisation.

The Durkan LEAD programme (Leadership, Empowerment, Accountability, Development) was specifically designed in association with Poppyfish to allow people from across the business to come together learn and to tackle key challenges and share new ideas. The workshops, which typically run at a rate of two per month across a wide range of topic areas, include Directors working alongside some of the most junior staff, sharing an insight into each others worlds and getting to grips with practical issues.

As part of the programme every member of staff has completed a SPECTRUM behavioural profile, which the staff find practical and easy to understand and remember. This allows them to not only understand their own behavioural preferences but also equips them with a basic tool they can use to work more effectively with one another. Workshops are supported by on-line materials and line managers are encouraged to keep development at the heart of their conversations with team members. Workshop attendance has been excellent and participation rates are high.

"The LEAD programme represents a significant investment in our people and their skills and sends a powerful message about our values. The Poppyfish workshops have stimulated valuable learning about our business and we are generating some fascinating data about the way that we work together and how we can keep driving continual improvement".

                    Ian Cresswell, Director of Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Management at Durkan Ltd

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The Durkan LEAD Programme
"The SPECTRUM profile provides genuine insight into the way that people behave and interact."