Decision Making Exercises
Simulate to Stimulate
This is the place for bespoke learning but we can also offer  'off the shelf' learning exercises in such as 'Pandemic', 'Biodecision' and the highly rated iPot business simulator. All our exercise are people centric - we don't use computers. Contact us for more details
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Business Wargames
The ultimate strategy development tool
A bespoke business wargame can be a great testing ground for leadership development and strategy. Working closely with you, we will develop and deliver a testing simulation designed to challenge your strategic thinking in the face of the thrust and parry of a realistic business scenario. More
Continuity Exercises
Testing business resilience
Critical incidents can slip you up just when you don’t want them to. If a crisis moment were to occur, how confident are you in your decision making? What would leaders, managers and staff draw on to cope? Do you understand how your experience of being ‘in the moment’ can work against rational decision making?
We offer a growing range of learning workshops and courses. These can be delivered 'off the peg' in half or whole days but work best when crafted to include your own content and context.


The High Performing Team
The Team Leader
The Coaching Manager
The Influential Presenter
The Easy Networker
The Consultative Seller

Others also available - please ask

For full details on our courses and events download a copy of our portfolio.
We design and deliver bespoke critical incident scenarios, continuity desktops and Red Team exercises that provide you with an opportunity to improve your decision making and team working skills. We can even design a business wargame to help formulate strategy and assess your team. And whilst we know that no plan survives contact with the enemy, we feel sure that our simulations and exercises will allow you to challenge your own thinking and strengthen your resilience.
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