The iPot Simulator

You’d be amazed at what the potato can teach us about performance at work.

Seriously though, you really would.

Our iPot simulator places delegates at the heart of a business where an emphasis on profit and productivity tussles with the human needs of people going about their work.

Sound familiar? In the iPot simulator delegates work together and experience for themselves how managers create alignment and motivation and get to analyse how personal leadership styles influence performance.

An important aspect of the simulation is a real time performance management process that uses a ‘forum theatre’ approach to emphasise and develop feedback skills through genuine appraisal and development conversations.

This workshop is learning through doing at it’s very best.

Through their actions delegates shape the behaviour and culture of the workplace and see how the decisions that they make affect productivity and efficiency as well as the human experience of the workers.

And before we go our separate ways we tie our learning together to make sense of what happened and to see how we can take best practice back with us into the real world.

The iPot simulator always receives the highest feedback and is highly recommended as a way to shed new light on the experience of working in complex organisations.

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